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CalAmp SCADA Products

CalAmp SCADA Dealer Florida

CalAmp SCADA Dealer/Distributor Florida

Mobile-One Communications is one of the largest CALAMP dealers in the country. CALAMP is a proven leader in the mobile resource management (MRM) and machine-to-machine (M2M) space, CalAmp connects clients to business-critical data and transforms it into actionable intelligence for people, systems and machines.

We assemble the right wireless communications solutions from an extensive portfolio of devices, scalable cloud service enablement platforms and targeted software applications. In fact, no other company brings together hardware and software like CalAmp.

Given the breadth and depth of our offering, we are uniquely able to couple and de-couple the various components of a solution to facilitate the most compelling implementation for our customers. To further ensure success, we maintain a strong partner ecosystem with the world’s best complementary solution providers and targeted channel partners, as well as tier-one domestic and international wireless carriers.

We have earned a reputation for execution and consistently delivering demonstrative value to our customers and partners alike.


CalAmp SCADA Router

Collect and report real-time information about your mobile and fixed assets with CalAmp’s extensive portfolio of tracking and telemetry devices, offering intelligent communications and location technology.


Broadband Cellular Routers

CalAMp Cellular Router

Gain access to critical information and reliable field communications with our rugged, broadband cellular routers that are optimized for high-speed mobile and fixed environments.

Broadband Cellular Routers.

Private Radios

Scada Narrowband Equipment

Improve communications using CalAmp’s private radios and narrowband equipment, which boast completely private, highly reliable and secure communications for customers in various industries.

Private Radios and Narrowband Equipment.

Satellite Products

CalAmp Satellite Products

Power some of the newest offerings and technologies in satellite television today, including HDTV and DVRs, using our subscriber-premise satellite receivers.

Satellite Reception Products.

Software Solutions

CalAmp Software Solutions

Get complete, real-time visibility of your fleet and all of your high-value assets with our award-winning GPS web application.

Software Solutions.