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Airtime Solutions

Digital Push-To-Talk Voice and Data Communications

Your workforce is out in the field every day, and you need to be able to connect with them no matter where their job takes them. MOTOTRBO™ is a digital commercial two-way radio system that enables:

  • Clear digital push-to-talk voice quality
  • Instant dispatch communications (one-to-many) and direct (one-to-one) calls
  • Text messaging
  • GPS tracking

Our System

We offer Trunking Radio Systems in LTR Analog and MOTOTRBO™ Digital with single site and multiple sites available for extended coverage. We are the area leader in UHF Trunked Analog LTR and UHF Trunked Digital MOTOTRBO™ Two-Way Radio Systems.

Our LTR and MOTOTRBO™ Trunking systems meet the upcoming mandate for narrow band operation and will take you into the next millennium for the possibility of super narrow band using the Digital MOTOTRBO™ platform. Efficient and cost-effective MOTOTRBO™ trunking gives you fast channel access, security and private call capability along with many other features such as GPS location, call alerting and radio stun.

Monthly Pricing

Airtime- $21.00

Talk as much as you want for one low rate

Data - $10.00

Add GPS Tracking for only $10.00 a month

The MOTOTRBO commercial system can provide you high quality and immediate communications, simply and affordable, with no FCC license or high-powered transmitter or antenna towers to purchase.


  • Local Coverage
  • Unlimited Talk Time
  • Available Multi-Site Connectivity
  • Segment departments with separate talk-paths


  • Radio to Dispatch
  • Radio to Mobile Computers
  • Radio to Radio


  • Vehicle Location Tracking
  • Record Daily Use of Vehicles
  • Web-Based Text Messaging Service

Florida Gulf Coast Coverage Maps

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Data Apps

SafeMobile offers a world of wireless applications designed to help organizations with their mobile asset and fleet management needs. The Company's goal is to "Unleash the Power" of their radios to provide enhanced reporting, better operation efficiency and more flexibility with their communications systems. Headquartered outside Chicago, IL, SafeMobile was founded in 2001 and delivers data and communication management applications to businesses and government agencies across the globe.